I have a crush on Colors

Don't fret.
Things are looking up my friend.


2 days left of summer

My how time flies!
A friend said something last night that more or less was a punch in the stomach.
She said, "There is no in between time, no pure transition...every season is a step...not just an in between."
It would be safe to say that I have been wallowing in what I called transition for the majority of the summer...waiting, not knowing what for, and essentially disregarding the fact that this time in my life is just as important as any other. Life isn't about getting to a certain point and finally making it. Life is the process. In the back of my mind I am fairly confident that I have in fact blogged about and been fully aware of this fact before (not too long ago actually) and yet it seems as though I am learning it afresh. Why it takes me a million times to learn anything, I will never know.

Things are picking up. I'm settled in the new house. I adore my roomates. I am more open to change than I have been in a long long time. I have a joy that comes naturally. I'm in love with life and people and places. Sometimes I feel like the Lord just spoils me rotten.


where am i going?

Lately it seems as though I am in constant transition..
such is life.
I am in a place where I can see where I have come from but I'm really unsure of where I am going.
I guess that makes sense....you never see what's around the corner until you get there.
I am being stretched...learning that with age and maturity comes more responsibility...more discipline is needed.
Realizing that I have much to receive is humbling and incredibly exciting.

A new posture would be in line.