The Question of Where...

It's a weird, weird thing when you realize that for the first time in your life you can go anywhere in the world.
I'm through with school.
I don't have a job lined up.
I have no obligations.

The size of this realization is so enormous that I don't even know what I want... and more importantly what I need.

Up until this realization I had assumed I would stay in Knoxville. I love Knoxville. Funny how you plan things just because they make sense and then you realize that you haven't even prayed about it.

The predicament isn't what to do... it's more of a where do I do it? I feel like it's such a huge question that I don't even begin to have an idea of how to pray into it.

I tend to stress out and worry about if I'm making the right decisions but lately I have come to see that the Lord does not put that on me...he gives me desires, he guides me, he allows me to make decisions...and if they are wrong he lets me know.

The fear of messing up or choosing wrong has kept me from many adventures and I don't want to look back at this moment and think..."I wonder what would have happened if..."