The Happy List

1. 501 Arthur Restaurant- Restaurant owners who make an effort to help the people in the community where their business is located. (P.S. I licked my plate last night because the food was so good and the owner and his family saw me and thought it was hilarious. ..haha oops)
2. The song "You don't know me" -Ben Folds ft. Regina Spektor
3. Plum Pudding scented candles
4. Winning concert tickets on the Radio
5. Modpodge and old book pages
6. The lime-fig perfume at Bliss
7. Empty frames from the Salvage Yard
8. Going to Remedy to get a muffin and a glass of milk
9. Freckled Faces
10. Hot Chocolate and Baileys
11. Anne of Green Gables


Nice to meet you, heart of mine.

It is a strange thing to be awakened to one's own heart.
I thought I knew it all along.

Everyone says the heart is deceiving but I never realized to what magnitude.

Sometimes it is incredibly hard to get to know oneself.
I can't exactly go get coffee with my mind and ask it what it thinks of things.
I can't call my mind on the phone and coerce it into spilling it's philosophies, its feelings, it's emotions.

So I am faced with the opportunity, the privilege (considering the fact that I believe myself to be made in the likeness of The Lord), of getting re-aquainted with myself, without the faintest idea of how to go about it.

Anyone care to shed any light?