8 reasons why I am real excited about spring

1. Wildflowers are everywhere- which means my house will soon be filled with them.
2. I can eat breakfast on the porch.
3. I can walk around barefoot
5. My utility bill will decrease by about 70%
6. Fresh Produce!!
7. Farmers Market
8. I can wear skirts every day



Dear Spring,
   Would you mind showing your face and sticking around for awhile? I really miss you and your inconsistancy doesn't do anything to help a girl out.

Dear Rhythm and Blooms Organizer,
   Could you please email Kate back so that I can get a volunteer pass and listen to great music for free?

Dear Bank Account,
    Could you please miraculously birth $8,000 so that I can keep working after May.

Dear Construction Workers outside my window,
     Would it be alright for you all to only use the jack hammer after 9am? I know you have tons of work to do but my brain would really appreciate it.

Dear Knoxville,
    Thank you so much for being so unique and inviting. I can't believe we have been friends and neighbors for 4.5 years now. This is the longest lasting relationship I've ever had. I'm glad we were able to work through our conflicts that first year and a half. I'm sorry I misjudged you in the beginning.

Dear United Health Insurance Webteam,
    Could you please make your website easier to use? I can't figure out which dentists in town accept your services and it's time to get a teeth check up.

Dear Prudence,
    I'm sorry I couldn't let you out during my lunch break yesterday. I'm sorry that Joe locks you in your cage all day long- I know he wants so badly to be a stay at home dad but duty calls. Hopefully he makes it up to you on the weekends.

Dear House that I will live in next year,
     I would really love to meet you. Can you please be inexpensive and really really cute. I look forward to many hours, days and nights spent together. Could you also please be located in Old North or Parkridge? That would be really convenient.