truth in craziness

"It is nearly impossible for man to live alone and survive."

(Written by a schizophrenic homeless man that I have been working with)



Today, I cried with a client. We cried about how hopeless the streets are, how selfish we can all become, how people often settle for less than they can achieve, how frustrating the social systems are, and how good our God is.

I really really see The Lord when I look at and talk to this older gentleman. I see pain and suffering, but I also see a heart that has been redeemed. All of the verses about the Lord being with the poor make so much more sense after encountering the poor. The humble heart of a man who has been homeless for 45 years made me cry today. It was a good kind of cry.. the kind where you catch a glimpse of holiness in a fallen human. 

If you think about it, pray for him. That the sadness of a life full of darkness can be replaced with a few years of glory. Pray for miracles, pray for his dependence in the Lord, pray for his addictions, and pray that he knows the depth of the Love Christ has for him.


A New Years List

So this year I decided to make a list of things I want to accomplish. One thing for each year that I have been alive. Not anything drastic, no impossible goals, simply a few things to do this year that will motivate bigger changes in the future.

#1 Get my piano tuned
#2 Get my bike fixed at this Cool place
#3 Open up a savings account
#4 Create a budget
#5 Finish calling everyone on my potential donor list for support raising
#6 Write monthly news letters
#7 Plant something (Flowers,Veggies, fruits etc)
#8 Start using more natural products
#9 Cut back on hydrogenated oils and trans fats
#10 Get a planner
#11 Paint my coat rack
#12 Join a fitness class
#13 Call an out of town friend once a week
#14 Obtain a 3 hole punch
#15 Buy an external hard drive
#16 Cook more often
#17 Sign up for a city recycling bin
#18 Shop locally
#19 Invite new people over for dinner
#20 Craft once a month
#21 Blog once a week
#22 Have more intentional conversations; ask more questions
#23 Organize support group for my homeless project